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Mission & Vision

Bizi Yakından Tanıyın

Our Mission

To know that lighting is an important means of self-expression that also reflects the originality of our view of life and the place we live in, by going beyond being a basic need that only allows seeing in the dark, and at this point, turning the lighting work into an art. By following the developments in technology; to design original, aesthetic, technological, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative lighting products and solutions with the most advanced technology and at the most affordable cost, and to present them to the market in accordance with the law.

Our Vision

To manage all our activities by integrating Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and to have an active, effective and leading identity in all markets it is involved by constantly researching, learning, experiencing and designing in its own field with the awareness of its social responsibilities towards society.

Our Responsibilities

To produce environmentally friendly, less energy-consuming, cost-effective, long-lasting and recyclable products for the future of our country and the world;
To create as many opportunities and opportunities as possible for the youth of our country and their future and to support the education of our children,
To contribute to the welfare and peace of our society together with our suppliers, customers and employees.
To be aware of the right of our customers to always have the best of the goods and to work to offer the best quality products to the market.

Our Quality Policy

To act with the awareness that the ability of every product we produce to work reflects us and our commitment to our work.
To provide solutions with the most advanced design and high quality products by understanding the demands and expectations of our customers in the most accurate way.
To continuously improve the quality of our Products, Processes and Services.
To produce continuously with our qualified and visionary staff, without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction, using the highest level of production technologies.

Our Environmental Policy

Our sensitivity to the environment begins with the awareness that we are a part of the nature we live in. In this sense, with the awareness that protecting the environment is actually protecting ourselves and our future, we fully comply with every article of the current environmental protection laws and regulations.
With the aim of leaving a more livable world to future generations, we carry out social responsibility projects to fulfill our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

Core Values

• Being fair and honest, not accepting a service fee that is not provided,
• Respecting and accepting beliefs and differences and keeping their heart open, above all being a helpful individual as a brand,
• Not being afraid of making mistakes, but learning from mistakes,
• Using technology effectively to work smarter,
• To comply with the rules of etiquette and ethical rules,
• Aiming for continuous improvement and development by setting attainable and worthwhile goals,
• Not giving up in the face of difficulties, believing, persevering, and making an effort until the goal is achieved, without making excuses in the goals set,
• Always based on goodwill, constructive thinking without prejudice,
• Seeking solutions by discussing problems with those who are concerned, not with third parties,
• To use time and opportunities correctly and effectively, not to waste,
• Not seeing the people or institutions they work with only as temporary customers, but as a member of the same family and to provide services with this sincerity,
• To protect nature, which is the eternal home of human beings, under all conditions and not to avoid taking responsibility for the protection of nature,
• To believe in enlightened consciousness and to contribute to all kinds of education-oriented social responsibility projects in order to raise the level of education in the society in this direction, and to develop their own projects if necessary,
• Taking responsibility for the development of young people, paving the way for young people and allocating some budget each year for the educational needs of young people,
• To be beneficial to the society and humanity by this means.
• Knowing that the development of our company also means the industrial development of our country, to work hard to achieve this goal.

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